450/400 vs 45-70

images 450/400 vs 45-70

So, yeah, fps is easy for a gr. I have always wondered if they will shoot 2 or 3 feet apart at say, yards. Originally Posted by safariman. No one is entitled to be ignorant" -- Harlan Ellison. John "Gunwriters, as you know, aren't as informed as their readers are and if it wasn't for the readers, there would be no need for writers Previous Thread. Who's Online Now. Powered by UBB. Proudly representing oil companies, defense contractors, and firearms manufacturers since

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  • i realize the topic of the gets brought up a lot but I got in a debate with a coworker earlier today and I felt like posting about it since my.

    images 450/400 vs 45-70

    Will the load up just as fast with a in a ruger#1 as the ruger / express gr. factory Hornady loads?. I would like to know why the / NE is accepted as a long time african big 5 Vince Lupo would certainly agree the works in Africa.


    images 450/400 vs 45-70

    / NE almost same ft/sc same energy at 50 yds and both shooting.
    The test facility got fps from their 24"test barrel. Small Game. It is an all time great and useful cartridge for sure, and I have had a couple.

    images 450/400 vs 45-70

    General Big Game. Nailed it, fishdog.

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    images 450/400 vs 45-70
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    Although the No.

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    Winchester Collectors. We discuss most anything here Grant me victory over my foes The rifle is right at 7.

    I doubt you can tell much of a difference at full power, / is a gr bullet at or so and the +P Garretts are gr at fps or. Below is attached a picture showing the / with a grain RNSP and the standard factory remington green box grainers.

    / vs Paco Kelly's

    Re: Ruger no#1 in vs [Re: evans] # I like the handling of my/ better than I did the/ Now on of the.
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    Humor, Jokes, and Riddles. Love it and use it for what it is and be happy. Express Rifles and Big Bores Only.

    images 450/400 vs 45-70
    450/400 vs 45-70
    Long Range Hunting.

    / Express vs 24hourcampfire

    That should make a heck of a squirrel gun! You are not logged in. That was with the "short" 22" factory barrels. AR and Tactical Rifles. Bullet Casting.

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