4.7 hemi review

images 4.7 hemi review

Internal examination of the engine has found oil sludge to be present, although diagnostic checks fail to pinpoint the source of the failure. Changing the PCV and switching to high-mileage oil will probably solve the problem, according to bobistheoilguy. Technical description of 4. Find all posts by robboski. All in all very glad we bought the 4. Find all posts by dusterrcr. With a series of engineering changes to Chrysler's standard gasoline- powered, 4. Best on highway was

  • Dodge Engine Problems It Still Runs
  • how good are the liter engines Moparchat Home of MOPAR enthusiasts worldwide!

  • The Dodge liter PowerTech V-8 engine has received mixed reviews from owners since its debut in Yet most of its quality issues center on lack of scheduled maintenance that will doom any engine to an early death.

    Dodge Engine Problems It Still Runs

    The liter V-8 is more compact and delivers more power. 3rd Gen Ram Tech - Reliability of vs HEMI - I just began my the truck, i get around 10 mpg and my buddy has the same one with the I would just look go for the Hemi you won't really take much of a hit on The MPG's are not much different but there is still a difference from.
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    Under load, the 4. Takes getting use to for some, but does work well.

    HEMI's can achieve decent gas mileage. These trucks coast great, which really helps the mileage--I think Chrysler set up the clutches so you don't need "band adjustments" on the 45 series tranny.

    images 4.7 hemi review
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    Click here to search for Mopar cars and parts for sale. Oil foam, usually evident on the oil dipstick or inside the oil cap, also is a result of a faulty PCV valve. We pull a HiLo 17ft twice a year, and this last trip was the best we did-we averaged 13 mpg on the entire mile drive on highways. Only strictly following the factory recommended maintenance schedule can minimize the exposure to engine failure and ensure the warranty will be honored.

    i was wondering what people thought i want a hemi but fuel mileage it gets 14 to 16 m.p.g.

    images 4.7 hemi review

    not what my cummins gets(21 empty or loaded). I have an opportunity to buy a ram with v8 for very cheap. other than that- nothing.

    was running strong and got on highway 17 mpg. And always think about- either way- hemi or there are good and bad.

    images 4.7 hemi review

    I have the in my '02 Dakota loved that motor. Its not that they aren't a bad engine, but it's less power and identical MPG as the big Hemi.

    how good are the liter engines Moparchat Home of MOPAR enthusiasts worldwide!

    The Hemi would be my first choice if buying new, but my still is a.
    Although an owner may provide evidence of regularly scheduled maintenance on the vehicle, evidence of oil sludge, metal shavings or failure to replace parts at scheduled intervals could void the warranty. So far, I have seen a total of one 4.

    Im currently restoring her for my son. The tech working on it had over tightened a bolt and cracked the casting.

    Mileage if I keep my foot "reasonable" around town averages Under load, the 4.

    BB code is On.

    images 4.7 hemi review
    4.7 hemi review
    Jeep Chat Wrangler, Cherokee, etc The '02 was hands down the smoother, better performer.

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    Posting Rules. Oil sludge appears to be a common problem with the 4. I have had no problem pulling trailers BB code is On.

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    1. I have a 76 w with a auto and it will almost pull what my 93 cummins will pull and it gets 14 to 16 m.