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images finanziamenti europei 2013 toscana italia

A two year programme of intensive grazing will be introduced in order to inhibit willow regeneration. Target species include the corncrake, gulls, terns, plovers and some ducks. The project aims to restore, ecologically improve and sustainably protect nationally significant clusters of mountain hay meadow as high-risk plant communities and as a refuge for endangered montane species and habitats. The IRIS project aims to demonstrate the industrial-scale feasibility of an innovative catalytic chemical process to convert co-products of the polyamide nylon chain into the new eco-friendly and safe solvent Rhodiasolv IRIS, which is readily biodegradable, non-VOC, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-irritant. This LIFE Nature project aims to stabilise and further strengthen the European core populations of saker falcon Falco cherrug by implementing best practice F. In a unique European approach, the project is combining the conservation of the largest remaining Allis shad population in Europe in the Gironde watershed in France with the re-introduction of Allis shad to the Rhine watershed in Germany. Information compiled by the project will establish a better basis for regional forest management planning in the context of climate change. It will do this by developing and demonstrating effective models for PPPs for climate planning and GHG reductions in private enterprises and by developing competences and tools in local administrations. Habitat work will safeguard appropriate plant succession processes and focus on permanently removing willow bushes.

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  • EU Innovation Council, fondi UE per PMI startup e tecnologie emergenti

  • Finanziamenti Fondo europeo di adeguamento alla globalizzazione (FEG) Sardegna, Southern and Eastern, Steiermark, Toscana, Trentino-Alto Adige/ Südtirol ., Whirlpool, ;23;, Italy, ;5;, Domestic appliances, 2, € 1,, 4.

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    Ismeri Europa S.r.l. è una società che opera su scala internazionale e svolge consulenza leader in Italia e in Europa, nella ricerca, valutazione ed assistenza tecnica.

    con Fondi dell'Unione Europea nel periodo di programmazione /. Valutazione on going del Programma operativo della Regione Toscana. La programmazione delle politiche di coesione in Italia è I Fondi SIE includono il Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale (FESR), il Fondo Sociale .
    Tale impianto si basa su una tecnologia di riscaldamento ibrida microonde e aria calda in grado di convertire i fanghi biologici in pellet combustibili.

    Turismo Regione Toscana

    Registrations will be considered on a first come first served basis. Home Chi siamo. The AETHER project intends to show the feasibility of producing a new type of cement at industrial scale within existing industrial installations with significantly lower CO2 emissions than conventional Portland cement. To this end it will conduct a lifecycle assessment LCA of the 20 demonstration sites.

    images finanziamenti europei 2013 toscana italia
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    The main objective of this project is to set up a number of actions that will demonstrate methods and techniques that inspire and motivate people to change their behaviour and become part of a process to develop more sustainable city management policies and governance.

    The project will seek to increase the populations of target species, improve overall species diversity and raise public awareness of thermophilous habitat types and species, their protection, maintenance and sustainable use. It will identify and promote good practice in the development of new, sustainable graphics products and services in order to guide European SMEs.

    EU Innovation Council, fondi UE per PMI startup e tecnologie emergenti

    The aim of this project is to demonstrate the benefits from strengthening landscape structures as a means to restore and conserve biodiversity in cultivated vineyards. News inserita da Nessun inserimento.

    Nel contesto europeo, Resolvo lavora con pubbliche amministrazioni e imprese, In Toscana Resolvo individua le opportunità di finanziamento per sostenere i. Grazie all'esperienza acquisita porta avanti un monitoraggio di fondi europei e Europea per la ricerca e l'innovazione, operativo dal 1° gennaio fino al.

    IL PROGRAMMA DI FDI-AN PER LE ELEZIONI EUROPEE parchi e costequote azionarie delle partecipazioni statali) per garantire i prestiti della Bce e.
    The Climate Living in Cities Concept CLICC project will show how citizens may reduce their carbon footprint in the areas of housing, transport, and food and consumer goods. The main objective of the MIPOLARE project is to evaluate, demonstrate and disseminate an alternative sustainable solution for the reclamation of mining sites based on soil amendment using two waste products - pig slurry and marble mud - and phytostabilisation.

    Il progetto mira a contribuire alle politiche europee e nazionali in materia di consumo sostenibile e di prevenzione della produzione dei rifiuti grazie all'attuazione e al monitoraggio di un programma integrato di prevenzione e riduzione dei rifiuti per la zona del Chianti fiorentino. It will develop knowledge about the specific equipment and technical characteristics required for washing, grinding and processing PVB.

    Progettazione Europea DREAM Italia

    Movimento turisti nelle strutture ricettive, struttura dell'offerta, indicatori sintetici: dati Arrivi e presenze dei turisti italiani e stranieri negli esercizi ricettivi, alberghieri ed extralberghieri, in Toscana per Apt, provincia, e comune.

    Tra le proposte ricevute, la Commissione ha scelto 84 progetti da finanziare, presentati da partenariati tra organismi di conservazione, enti governativi e altri soggetti. Many of the climate change effects on forests are dependent on how soils are able to provide water to plants.

    images finanziamenti europei 2013 toscana italia
    I dati dell' Annuario statistico regionalesezione Turismo This project is dedicated to the conservation of the white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephala in the wetlands of Murcia.

    A pilot installation will be set up using innovative technologies such as granulators and micronisators to process, mill and grind waste products in a cryogenic low temperature atmosphere.

    images finanziamenti europei 2013 toscana italia

    Interventions will target breeding, feeding and resting grounds for birds in order to improve conditions for species that rely on open meadows and wetland habitats during migration and wintering.

    The main aim of this LIFE Biodiversity project is to address the negative environmental impacts on wetland environments from alien exotic turtle species, particularly the red-eared slider Trachemys scripta. Email Recupera password.

    LIFE+ è lo strumento finanziario europeo per l'ambiente, provvisto di una dotazione Questo progetto mira ad introdurre in Italia, in particolare in Toscana.

    Italy. del Programma di Cooperazione Transnazionale MED e definizione L'evento è stato organizzaro dalla Regione Toscana - Punto di Contatto stesso Programma e degli altri Programmi europei per il Mediterraneo al fine. La Commissione UE ha annunciato lo stanziamento di 2 miliardi di euro per il periodo a favore del Consiglio europeo.
    The project will demonstrate the emissions reduction potential and air quality benefits of these best practices.

    Le azioni del progetto saranno localizzare in tre regioni diverse Lombardia, Piemonte e Liguria dell'Italia settentrionale. It will create a demonstration building containing environmentally-friendly features such as geothermal air circulation, heating produced by recycled wood logs from a waste reception centre, and photovoltaic panels for generating electrical energy and heating water.

    images finanziamenti europei 2013 toscana italia

    This project is concerned by how changes in the water cycle will affect forests. The main aim of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol HSAP and consolidate knowledge on hydropower sustainability performance in the EU.

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    images finanziamenti europei 2013 toscana italia
    Toa payoh indoor stadium lighting
    Il progetto mira essenzialmente a migliorare lo stato di conservazione del tursiope troncato nell'area marina protetta di Portofino.

    A web platform will centralise and control all data for the municipal buildings involved in the project, making it the most comprehensive such project carried out in this field. Ultime Notizie.

    EU Innovation Council, fondi UE per PMI startup e tecnologie emergenti

    Il progetto ET IDEA mira a sviluppare e testare il concetto di TRY anno tipico di riferimento in quanto strumento innovativo per la ricostruzione, la standardizzazione e l'analisi dei dati meteorologici per tutta l'Italia. The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate adaptation of agricultural production to climate change and limited water supply.

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    The main output of the project will be a user-friendly software tool. The purpose of the project is to test and propose concrete solutions for reducing the environmental impact of the housing construction sector.

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