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images marc porat serious energy

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  • Marc Porat is a tech entrepreneur and angel investor. He is founder of six companies including General Magic.

    Marc Porat (marcporat) Twitter

    In the early s, Porat was a member of a high-profile wave of tech executives who founded cleantech companies. He launched three companies in the built environment: Serious Materials, "Porat, Marc | US-China Green Energy Council".

    The latest Tweets from Marc Porat (@marcporat). My Ride To Vote, Serious Energy, ZETA, CalStar, Perfect Commerce, General Magic, Apple Computer, Private.

    Biographies of Silicon Valley protagonists

    Marc has founded and led technology companies since Serious Energy Marc Porat: Venture Beat — Serious Materials raises a serious round of $50M .
    Close Why you're seeing this ad. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. Stanford is the alma mater of 30 living billionaires and 17 astronauts, is one of the leading producers of members of the United States Congress.

    images marc porat serious energy

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    images marc porat serious energy
    Marc porat serious energy
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    Saved searches Remove. Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business.

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    Marc Porat (Israel, ?) studied at Columbia College until and graduated in on reducing energy consumption and carbon emission: Serious Materials. Serious Energy, the green drywall and windows company that's spent chairman and co-founder, while Marc Porat, co-founder of Serious and. View Marc Porat's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

    Marc has 10 jobs listed on their profile.

    See the complete Serious Energy.
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    images marc porat serious energy

    The Geneva Conference An Edinburgh "Co-op milk cart" photographed in Inthe campus was moved from Madison Avenue to its current location in Morningside Heights and renamed Columbia University. After leaving the Aspen Institute, Porat co-founded Private Satellite Network PSN ; [11] the company was a direct broadcast satellite innovator that built and operated television and data networks for Fortune companies and governments.

    images marc porat serious energy
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    The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

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    [1][2] He launched three companies in the built environment: Serious Materials, Zeta Communities, "Porat, Marc | US-China Green Energy Council". InPorat co-founded Serious Materials, a company manufacturing high- efficiency windows "Porat, Marc | US-China Green Energy Council".

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    images marc porat serious energy

    images marc porat serious energy
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