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Whether this is the team and coaches fault for not trusting him, or his own fault for not being ready enough is a matter of debate, and will likely be answered by his play the rest of the season in Paris. Hometown: Donetsk, Ukraine. Matt Kamalsky MKamalsky. This athleticism combined with his size and length makes him a good rebounder at the European level, as he has nice soft hands as well as a good initial and secondary bounce to go after the ball as it comes off the rim, showing nice anticipation skills in the process. Agent: Marc Fleisher. If you know of any nicknames I missed, leave a comment at the bottom and I will update the list. Definitely more of a finesse player, though he attempts to back his man down low. He also uses his shooting ability in the low post, where he likes to finish with a rather effective turnaround jumper that rather difficult to stop.

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  • Pecherov aims to continue climb
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  • 14 - Oleksiy Pecherov. Ukraine. Birthday: 4/30/ Plays very well on the perimeterjump shot out past 20 feet is consistent Even knocks down.

    images pecherov oleksiy wikifeet

    Look-a-like photo fun: Stewie and Oleksiy Pecherov Comcast SportsyNet superimposes Stewie's head on Pecherov's dunked-upon body. Antonio Brown showed off his burned feet on 'Hard Knocks,' and it wasn't pretty. Oleksiy Pecherov is a former Ukrainian professional basketball player who last played for Hekmeh of the FLB League. He's also a member of the Ukraine.
    Earlier he showed up at the U European Championships, settling for Johnny Cash hurt video.

    In the last five games, these averages raise to 14 points and 7. In a National Team as weak as the Ukrainian a clear candidate to be the worst team of the Eurobasketthe talent of Pecherov is hard to hide. Could stand to be more aggressive to better utilize his solid free throw shooting ability. I thought they did not need the stimulus money that was being offered to.

    images pecherov oleksiy wikifeet
    He was 56 years old.

    Oleksiy pecherov stewie wheres my money

    He should start by bending his knees better, getting lower to the ground and continue by being a bit more aggressive. Pecherov is still under contract with BC Kiev for at least another year, but a strong end of the current season could make him a target for Euroleague or even NBA teams, as he has already been scouted by some GMs.

    Not being too unlike fellow Ukrainian Slava Medvedenko, he leaves a little bit more room for optimism regarding future improvement in the attitude he shows. Height: 6'11" cm.

    Oleksiy Pecherov DraftExpress Profile: scouting reports, videos, stats and but keeps his feet moving and tries to work within the team concept if nothing else.

    Oleksiy Pecherov, the 7-foot Ukranian who was picked 18th overall inpercent overall and percent from outside of three feet. 81 percent!

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    Granted, Pecherov is a perimeter-shooting big man, but nobody who is seven feet tall should have nearly half of his shots be threes.
    He is too upright defending his man, hurting his reactivity and mobility to stop his matchups. Offense: Power forward who is capable of doing some damage from the inside and out.

    May be on his way back to Europe sooner rather than later. Any room on the Money Team? Standingthe Ukranian is gifted with excellent size for a power forward and nice athleticism to play that position, indeed fairly good if we consider that height.

    He has some intriguing tools for a guy of his size, and could develop into an offensive force. He can nail the three pointer with ease as well as put the ball on the floor to take advantage of his nice combination of size and quickness, although in some preparation games he has looked less comfortable than expected with his slashing game.

    images pecherov oleksiy wikifeet
    Bismack playing his way into big money. Gets about one-third of his touches as a spot up shooter, with other significant parts of his offense coming from a mix of post-ups, offensive rebounds, cuts to the rim, and pick and rolls.

    Earlier he showed up at the U European Championships, settling for Still a threat to hit the three, albeit on poor percentages thus far in his career. Except in the way that it led to Oleksiy Pecherov having the best game of his career. I saw it in.

    Pecherov aims to continue climb

    Capable rebounder who uses his length relatively well.

    Oleksiy Pecherov - Career stats, game logs, biographical info, awards, and achievements for the NBA and International leagues. All the latest stats, news, highlights and more about Oleksiy Pecherov on TSN. Oleksiy Pecherov plans to be in front of a television today when the nature had other plans as Pecherov, now 20, has grown to 6 feet 11 with.
    He was taken to St.

    Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at about p. Jonathan Givony DraftExpress.

    Comments Pecherov is the kind of international player that seems to scare NBA teams away as of late. It might be significant that he has been forced to temporarily leave BC Kiev looking for playing time.

    images pecherov oleksiy wikifeet
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    Hometown: Donetsk, Ukraine.

    He displays nice mechanics, looking fluid while executing it, being able to nail his shots off the dribble, although feeling more comfortable in static fashion, while he enjoys three point range.

    DraftExpress Oleksiy Pecherov DraftExpress Profile Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook

    Spent a year in the Ukraine before joining the Wizards after they tabbed him in the middle of the first round in Height: 6'11" cm. Redick and Marcus Williams. Whether this is the team and coaches fault for not trusting him, or his own fault for not being ready enough is a matter of debate, and will likely be answered by his play the rest of the season in Paris.

    images pecherov oleksiy wikifeet

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    1. He is a candidate to draft in the range and send back overseas for another year or two to work on his strength and overall polish, or he could be signed right away and used as a space creator and mismatch threat on the perimeter coming off the bench. Pecherov is a long and athletic power forward with the typical face-up offense approach that many Europeans share.